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Solutions in Concord, NH

Serving the Digital Marketing Needs of New Hampshire & Beyond Since 2018

Live Free Digital is a Concord, NH-based digital marketing agency providing foundational tools to help small businesses grow and scale, at price points start-ups can afford. We build websites and effective on- and off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help end-users discover our clients on Google. We empower our clients with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software so they can automate their business and keep their customers coming back.

Call (603) 381-8933 or click here to request a free 30 minute consultation for direct, actionable steps to get found online by more of your ideal customers and grow your business.

Why choose Live Free Digital for your digital marketing?

We know what it takes to start a business - both vicariously through the over one hundred projects we've participated in, and directly through the launch of our own start-ups. We never oversell the complexity of what we do, instead breaking down how this stuff actually works through real-world examples and plain language. We voraciously read industry news daily. And we happily provide local references who can speak to the positive experience that they've had with us.

Sync Up

Our Digital Marketing & Consulting Services

Our digital marketing services work together so you can have one point of contact to manage your online presence and operations.

Wesbite Design

Live Free Digital offers fundamentally sound, flexible websites. A business's website is the face of the company, and is the only place on the internet that can be wholly controlled by the business. It is often how numerous stakeholders: referrals, prospects, employees - first interact with the business.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile - is arguably the first thing most businesses should take care of - even before they have their website up-and-running  in some cases! Live Free Digital includes Google Business Profile set-up assistance with everything we do.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)


Live Free Digital helps our clients with the websites and platforms they'll need to sell their stuff on the internet. Whether a light Shopify integration, or a full on custom site, we have the resources to grow your e-commerce business.

Social Media

Setting up social media profiles should be done around the same time that a Google Business Profile is created. Social Media platforms are high authority sites with Google, and are an irreplaceable tool for building awareness online. We include initial set-up and audits with everything we do.

 Online Payments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or "SEO" is the content strategy behind showing up on search engines such as Google. While SEO is often a propriety or opaque "black box" with other vendors, Live Free Digital is transparent about exactly what we're doing, and builds sound SEO fundamentals into every project we work on.


Google Ads

Google Ads can be one of fastest ways to start getting inbound traffic to a business's website. Live Free Digital helps manage Google Ads and other Pay-Per-Click advertising for our clients.

Email Marketing

CRM is the tool or tools used to manage a business's customers. Increasingly for many businesses, it is the platform that they operate their whole business on. Live Free Digital specializes in helping clients adopt CRM - sometimes for the first time - so they can spend less time chasing business, and more time doing it. 

Electronic payments are essential to every business. At Live Free Digital, we specialize in helping our clients process using non-proprietary systems that integrate with their other tools, so that they can focus on growing their bottom line and not PCI compliance. 

At Live Free Digital, we teach our clients how to grow - and effectively leverage - their own database of contacts with email marketing. Most CRM's contain some form of email marketing tools, as that is a key way to make business data actionable.


518 North State Street, Concord, NH, USA


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